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Website Development


I'm an experienced web manager and I've got a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to share when it comes to the online 'shop window' of your business. I can help in a number of ways:


  • Website Content Management 


If you've got a great website but are finding you're simply too busy to add new content, housekeep your existing copy or replace imagery and update files then I'm your gal. I've worked with most well known content management systems (CMS) and I'm especially familiar with WordPress. I can also edit in HTML and CSS so don't worry, you're in safe hands.


  • Google Analytics 

I'm a big fan of data and it's so important to use website data to inform your on-going strategy and understand what's working well, where your referrals are coming from and how you can improve things online. If you like I can take a peek under the hub at your analytics and give you some advice on what it all means. Or I can give you some personal, one-to-one training on how to use analytics so you can do this for yourself. Drop me a line and we'll take it from there.

  • Website Project Management/Consultation 


Looking to re-develop an existing site or build a brand spanking new one? Maybe you're not too sure which questions to ask, you're stumped on where to make improvements or you need some feedback on system requirements or some advice on integrations. I've managed some big projects and I know the common pitfalls - which I will do my best to help you avoid. Get in touch and we can discuss your project in more detail, I'd love to find out more.


  • Wix/SquareSpace Website Creation


If you're building a website in popular site-builders like Wix or SquareSpace and you have got a little stuck halfway or bitten off more than you can chew then don't panic. I can finish the job for you - or I can just do it for you full stop! Just let me know your requirements and we'll take it from there.

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