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I understand that for many start ups and small businesses (however digitally savvy) promoting your work online can feel overwhelming, not to mention far too time consuming.  


I'm guessing the fact you're here looking at my website means you are already excited about the huge potential of growing your business online. You'll know already that in this digital age you have a huge opportunity to engage with your existing fans and followers to create a powerful community. As well as boost your brand, attracting more clients and customers. But where do you start? You're already so busy getting on with the day to day, right?


Allow me to take this pressure off you. We can work together in a friendly and informal way to simplify digital marketing for your business - meaning you can get serious about growing your engagement online.


I like to work flexibly so you can hire me on a retainer, for a particular project or for an hourly or daily fee depending on what's right for your business and which services you need. We can even package together a number of options if that works best for you.


Take a peek below at the different services I can offer and let's get started!

Social Media



and SEO




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